Crystal Surgery 1: Operating Procedures – The Energy Field

Instructor: Vivien Schapera

Location: Cosmic Connections, Nashville, TN

Dates: September 16 – 18, 2016

Friday 6 – 9pm., Saturday 10am – 5pm, Sunday 10am – 4pm.

Tuition: $390

Registration: Contact Katherine at


Learn how to access the phenomenal healing powers of the mineral kingdom in this extraordinarily effective specialty technique -- a unique and original method of "operating" on the Energy Field using crystal tools and wands.


Crystal Surgery techniques and procedures have been systematically researched, refined and tested over more than 15 years.


Crystal Surgery: Operating Procedures includes the following:


·         Energy Anatomy Review, plus: the Cells of the Energy Field

·         Not just any crystal: Identifying tools for Crystal Surgery

·         The “Why” and “How” of Wands

·         “Operating” Techniques such as Scanning, Scraping and Stitching

·         Procedures for Physical Issues such as Inflammation, Infection, Organ Flushing and Scar Tissue

·         Procedures for Energy Issues such as Negative Energy, Low Chi, Leaks & Tears in the Field, Etheric Tissue Regeneration and Clearing the Mind


In this class Vivien will also share her most recent developments in the field of Crystal Healing.


Tools will be provided for the class and crystals will be available for purchase.


What to bring: Wands, chakra stones, specialty tools that you already have

What not to bring: tools that can’t easily be identified as yours e.g. green fluorite, mica; precious crystals, fragile crystals, transparent small crystals. If you bring small crystal tools (e.g. chlorite needles) please transport them in their own box with lid, to keep them safe and visible.


The full Crystal Surgery training consists of 3 weekends, which can be done in any sequence. The other 2 modules are: Crystal Surgery 2: Operating Procedures – The Energy Body, and Crystal Surgery 3: Healing Protocols


About Vivien:

Vivien has been working professionally with crystals since 1994 and is a trained Melody Crystal Healing Instructor. Vivien has taught Crystal Surgery in Cincinnati, New York, London and Cape Town to people from all over the world. Most importantly, in this context, Vivien has an amazing ability to “hear” crystals and receive information from them, in a way that continues to surprise her on a daily basis!

Vivien is the founder and chair of FourWinds Academy, and a director of Alexander Technique of Cincinnati, a school for training Alexander teachers. She has an active private practice teaching the Alexander Technique and giving healing sessions.

Her publications include How to Establish and Maintain a Strong Client Base, Everyday Magic, How to Lose Weight and Gain Money and Guided Lessons for Students of the Alexander Technique.