Crystal Surgery 1: Operating Procedures – The Energy Field

Instructor: Katherine Keeping

Vol 1 April 22-24 in Winnipeg MB at Radiance,
Vol 2 July 1-3 in Thunder Bay ON
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Learn how to access the phenomenal healing powers of the mineral kingdom in this extraordinarily effective specialty technique -- a unique and original method of "operating" on the Energy Field using crystal tools and wands.


Crystal Surgery techniques and procedures have been systematically researched, refined and tested over more than 15 years.


Crystal Surgery: Operating Procedures includes the following:


·         Energy Anatomy Review, plus: the Cells of the Energy Field

·         Not just any crystal: Identifying tools for Crystal Surgery

·         The “Why” and “How” of Wands

·         “Operating” Techniques such as Scanning, Scraping and Stitching

·         Procedures for Physical Issues such as Inflammation, Infection, Organ Flushing and Scar Tissue

·         Procedures for Energy Issues such as Negative Energy, Low Chi, Leaks & Tears in the Field, Etheric Tissue Regeneration and Clearing the Mind